Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Things Need to be Said

Welcome to the New Year and to what I hope will be a productive and creative year for everyone. 2014 was definitely a whirlwind year that brought me the highest of highs and then dropped me off a mountain and it all happened before I even knew what was happening. I published my first book last year, duh, that's why you are all here, but shortly after hitting publish I froze. I got lost in the fear of... well everything and I shut down everything that didn't relate to the problems that stared me in the face everyday. 

I pushed away everything that made me happy and that gave me an outlet, reading, writing, gaming, writing (yes I said that twice), blogging. Instead I let life kick me in the proverbial balls and instead of fighting back I just curled up in a ball and vegetated. But I am beginning to come back, slowly but surely. Something ignited my fight instinct and I began to claw my way out. It could be that I had a vacation from work so I was finally able to breathe. Whatever it was I'm thankful for it and I am determined to not let it happen again. 

Now I have to get back into everything. I have already started blogging with a vengeance and now it is time to get back to Jo and Jasper. They have a story that is dying to be told. And you as readers deserve to hear the rest of that story. I know I left you with a huge cliffhanger and I promise that I will be working on Deceived with diligence. 

As of now I can't tell you any idea on when it will be complete because truthfully I am lucky if I can manage to write more than a 100 words a week. Breaks as a writer are like poison. Once it seeps into your bloodstream the story disappears. And it takes a lot of hard work to recover, but I am trying. 

I have made some progress in that I have managed to write almost 2,000 words in the past two weeks. The bad news is that I'm pretty sure that most of it is utter crap. But I promise you I will keep at it and I will do better at keeping you posted.

Here are some numbers to give you an idea of where I'm at with Deceived:
I am currently at 10,327 words into the first draft with the final word goal being about 80,000. 

As you can see I have a way to go. And speaking of having a way to go I actually have some writing to do. I promised myself that I would try to write 20 minutes a day. Time for me to get on it, but before I go how about a little tease from Deceived? I know it has been a while.

Many of you expressed interest in seeing more of the Watchers from Guided, this next little snippet is a scene that will lead to many more interactions involving Dom, enjoy! Please keep in mind that this is completely unedited and may change.

“She hates me. Blames me for… I don’t know, everything.” I slouched defeated in the chair and stared at the stars. Why? Why the hell did this have to happen to me? I swear the universe is mocking me.

“She’ll get over it.” I turned to look at Dom, who was also slouched down in his chair staring at the stars. “You’ll woo her with your Angel charms and all will be forgiven.”
I threw his pack of cigarettes, hitting him in the chest and we both doubled over in laughter. 

© Danielle Young 2015

Happy New Year!

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