Monday, January 26, 2015

Taste of the Inside: Sneaking between the pages #4

Good news! I have been writing. *throws confetti* A lot, that's been writing a lot not that I'm throwing a lot of confetti. That would just be a mess and I ain't got time to clean up any messes. 

Anyways.... easily distracted here, a couple of updates. I am now 25% complete with the first draft of Deceived!!! *throws more confetti* 

*looks at floor* You know I may have to reconsider how I celebrate. Maybe I should just shower myself in chocolate. That would be more rewarding and much easier clean up! Ha

Second, Deceived now has an ending. Well, I haven't written it yet, but I have the outline complete. And guys, this ending is going to be so HUGE, EPIC, Awesome, HUGE and, and, GIGANTIC! You get the idea right? I am really excited for the way that this one is going. I am having fun and so are the characters. 

And speaking of characters, you ready for a teaser????

Earlier tonight I asked Facebook and Twitter who they would like to see teasers from, the resounding answer was Jasper! I am so glad you all like him as much as I do. He really is my favorite character in this series. And guess what? You get a lot more of him in Deceived! Yay! *happy dances all around* (knew you would be pleased)

Please remember all teasers are unedited and may be changed. This is only the first draft. 

Here is one for all you Jasper fans.....

My eyes snapped open when my head jerked, must have fallen asleep. I was in worse condition than I thought. Using the wall as leverage I pushed myself to a standing position and headed down the hall again. I made it ten steps when I had to lean against the wall for another rest. At this rate I was going to reach the end of the hall tomorrow.

“If this hall didn’t last forever, I swear I would be there already,” I whispered to myself.

“Jasper, what are you doing?” Cai asked coming around the corner.

My eyes fluttered open. I must have dozed off again.

“Oh you know, hanging around.”

Cai came to my side and wrapped her arm around my waist and draped my arm over her shoulder. “Only you can crack jokes when you are half dead.”

“It’s all part of the charm.”

“Back to bed,” Cai said as she began to turn me back to the way I came.

I stopped moving. “No.”

“Jasper, you almost killed yourself. You need to rest. We can talk later.”

I knew she was right, but I was too stubborn to admit that to her.

“We… talk, now,” I breathed out.

“Fine, but don’t blame me when you catch your death.” Cai turned around and slowly carried… dragged my limp body down the hall. I did my best to help, but truthfully I couldn’t tell if I was helping or not.

Cai placed me in a soft white chair in what appeared to be a sitting room. I wanted to make some snide comment about their lack of color choices, but the chair was soft, it begged me to sleep. I felt myself drift as Cai whispered to someone in hushed tones. The voices and room faded as darkness again claimed me. This time I didn’t fight it. I knew when I woke I would get my answers.
Copyright © Danielle Young 2015


  1. *stares at Danielle expectantly* Wheres the rest?

    1. The rest you ask? Is in my pretty little head. Ha. That was one of the last scenes I wrote last night. Would it help if I told you it was good??? *grins*

      This means you like it right?

  2. *stares at Danielle expectantly* Wheres the rest?