Sunday, January 25, 2015

Inside Scoop: Writing Space

Today we are going to do something a little different. Usually I post teases here. Okay so that's all I post, but my goal is to make this a place where you can get to know me as well as my books. To kick things off today I am going to give you a look at my writing space.

Pretty isn't it???

Obviously the above picture is my overall space. Let me break it down a little and highlight some important areas.

First there is my inspiration wall. It is where I put some swag and notes from some of my favorite authors. Naturally not all of them are represented, but there are a lot of them there. 

my precious
I use this wall to help inspire me whenever I'm feeling like I just can't do it. Each of these authors did it, and continue to do it. They give me the strength to push through.

Then we have my writing wall. 

I think I need an eye exam
Why is it blurry you ask? Easy, those little post-its represent things that need to happen in Deceived. I can't very well have you figuring out all my secrets :)

And then we have the area where all the magic happens. 

Magic happens here!
There are a few things that I need in order to write. Besides the obvious (my laptop), I need my notes (the pile to the right of said laptop), a beverage--preferably one with caffeine, and headphones. I can't write without music. That part is huge and an absolute must. I lied, all of those things are a must. I would shrivel to nothing without them as a writer.

Well there you have it! The inside look. And now I have to get back to writing. Deceived is not going to write itself!

Anything else you want know, just ask and I will be sure to put it on the blog! 

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