Monday, October 6, 2014

Taste Tuesday ~ Deceived

Well it's that time again and yet again I have been a bad author and haven't posted a teaser in a while. Then again I haven't written much either. On my blog or book or anything. But I finally broke my dry spell and got some words down... and they were good! Well I think they are good. I hope you do too.

**** A Taste of Deceived book 2 in The Jade Ring Series****

“It’s okay Jasper, I’m here,” she said placing her hand over my heart. “And I’m not going anywhere.” She had no idea, how much she really was in my heart.

I nodded like an idiot realizing that she couldn’t see my reply in the dark. “Okay.”

Okay? Really, is that all you can come up with Romeo? Tell her… something. Anything besides okay.

Jo chuckled. I wanted to kiss her. Strong. Fierce. Breathless. She wanted it too. The possibility both scared and excited her. Which in turn made me scared and excited. I brushed my thumb along her jaw and stared at the outline of her lips. Her hand moved up my chest and left a trail of fire in its path to my neck. She gently pulled on my neck encouraging me to complete the distance between us. I froze. Unsure if this was the best thing to do. It was so soon. I swallowed. Hard.

When I didn’t move closer Jo pushed me back, straddled my legs and kissed me. Hard and fast. And I was lost. She kissed me with passion and desire that made my head spin. I wrapped her in my arms and pulled her closer. Until there was only clothes separating us. I wound my hand in her hair and kissed her like I would never get another chance. I put everything into that kiss. My hopes, dreams, and love.

Need more???

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