Monday, September 1, 2014

A Real Tuesday Tease

Well it's Tuesday. And that means I get to give you a new teaser from Deceived. *rubs hands* And that makes me incredibly happy. Why you ask? Well because it means I get to share the goodness with all of you.

I am really enjoying writing in Jasper's POV. In fact I like it so much that I may be writing a prequel to the series entirely in his POV. Awesome right??? I know you all want to know about his past, so I am going to play the role of the nice author and give it to you. Now you won't get everything of course, but you will get to know Jasper on a level that only I know him and I can't wait to share it with you.

Currently I am only about 1700 words into the story but I am having an absolute blast channeling who Jasper was before Jo. Once I have more written I will start sharing teasers from it as well. For now I will leave you with a name... the title... Jaded.

And now for your teaser this Tuesday...

Please remember that this has not been edited and my change.

Ready for more?

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