Monday, September 15, 2014

Tuesday Tease~ Jaded

I missed last week, big surprise huh? These Tuesday's sneak up on me every time. Frankly I don't know how they do it. I spend all day Monday waiting for Tuesday and then BAM! Tuesday passed and I completely missed it. Oh well, I remembered this week so that counts for something right? Right.

But last Tuesday wasn't a total loss. If you don't already know my book Guided was on tour last week. And if you don't know check out the link here to see all the stops and enter the Giveaways.

As you may know I have been hard at work on Deceived book 2 in The Jade Ring Series and as I said on another post I am also writing a prequel to Guided, about the years that Jasper is assigned to watch over Jo. It is all from his POV and will give you a great look at why Jasper is the way he is. I am having a lot of fun writing this one, so naturally your Tease today is going to come from Jaded. 

*Please remember that this has not been edited and may change.

And now I give you an excerpt from Jaded....

The barista turned to walk away, but not before reaching across the table right next to us, being sure to show Titius exactly what he would be getting later. Titius bit his lip as she wiped down the table.

“Um, hm, hm. Why don’t I come down here more often?”

“If you like I can leave so you can bang her right here on the table. I mean why wait.” I goaded him. Of all The Council members he was the one that got under my skin the most.

Titius turned his hard stare on me. “You don’t like me do you Jasper?” The way he said my name made it sound like it was acid on his tongue. I can see the feeling is mutual.

I sit back and cross my arms over my chest. “What do you want Titius? You called this little meeting, remember?”

“I have a new assignment for you,” he states sliding the envelope across the table.

I pick up the envelope more curious than anything. This is not how assignments were doled out. Usually you are summoned before The Council and the job is dealt. To say this is a little unorthodox would be the understatement of the century.

“We may have a bit of a situation. A new witch has come on the radar.” I skim through the contents of the envelope. It’s a picture of a girl and a slip of paper with an address on it.

“So? Get one of your loyal minions to Guide her. I have enough shit on my plate at the moment,” I scoff sliding the envelope back across the table.

“I don’t want just anyone to Guide her Jasper. I need someone who knows what they are doing on her. Besides, she’s special.” Titius paused. He knew I would bite.

“Why is this one so special?” I ask even though I know I am going to regret it.

“Because she is a Hannigan.” And like that, I’m in. I lean forward in my chair, placing my forearms on the top of the table. “Interested now?”

~~Hope you liked your first peek at Jaded~~

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Guided is on Tour

Well it's official, Guided is on tour. I feel like there should be cake, but there isn't. There are a bunch of awesome bloggers and authors sharing things from me and my book though, which is way better. That's right some very awesome people are allowing me to take over their sites for a day. I feel incredibly honored they all took time out of their schedules to pimp my book. I am still a little flabbergasted about the idea of writing a book, so thinking about my book being on tour is even more unimaginable. But it's happening, so there is no denying it now.

I bet you want to know what will be on this lovely little tour don't you? Well allow me to introduce you to this week's awesomeness and the bloggers and authors that will  be participating.

Guided Tour Schedule

September 7th~ Stephanie The Book Hipster (Author Interview "Random 5")
September 8th~ Michele G Miller (Soundtrack for Jasper)
September 8th~ Jasmine ~ Book Groupies
September 9th~ Steven Montano (Guest Post- Inspirations)
September 9th~ Kelly ~Tea Time and Books (Review)
September 10th~ Devri Walls (Guest Post- Conquering publishing fear)
September 12th~ Michelle In Libris Veritas (Guest Post- Facts about Jasper)
September 12th~ Toni My Book Addiction (Exclusive Teaser Picture)
September 13th~ Ruth Silver Write Away Bliss (Guest Post- Road from Blogger to Author)
September 13th~ Lou Relaxed Reads (Review)

Make sure you follow the tour and enter for your chance to win a Signed Paperback copy of Guided and a $10 Amazon Gift Card! This will be one of the first paperbacks ever printed!!!!! I just ordered my proof copy so the paperbacks should be ready to go soon.

Monday, September 1, 2014

A Real Tuesday Tease

Well it's Tuesday. And that means I get to give you a new teaser from Deceived. *rubs hands* And that makes me incredibly happy. Why you ask? Well because it means I get to share the goodness with all of you.

I am really enjoying writing in Jasper's POV. In fact I like it so much that I may be writing a prequel to the series entirely in his POV. Awesome right??? I know you all want to know about his past, so I am going to play the role of the nice author and give it to you. Now you won't get everything of course, but you will get to know Jasper on a level that only I know him and I can't wait to share it with you.

Currently I am only about 1700 words into the story but I am having an absolute blast channeling who Jasper was before Jo. Once I have more written I will start sharing teasers from it as well. For now I will leave you with a name... the title... Jaded.

And now for your teaser this Tuesday...

Please remember that this has not been edited and my change.

Ready for more?